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SIA CCTV Operative Course

SIA CCTV Operative Course


3 Days


Wednesday to Friday


18+ years


Level 1 English




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Hayes West London 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM £250


The Level 2 Award in SIA CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance) has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant SIA ‘Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for CCTV Control Room Operators (PSS) and provides the necessary skills and knowledge for those who wish to apply for an SIA license and work as a CCTV Operative.

Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, all individuals wishing to work in the private security industry must undertake a recognized qualification before applying for a license.

What does the course involve?

This qualification is split into 2  modules and delegates must complete and pass units 1, 2  as outlined below in order to achieve a Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations and allow delegates to apply for their SIA license.

The course is assessed through 2 multiple-choice examinations and a practical assessment.

Course Structure

Unit 1: Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry

  • Know the main characteristics and purposes of the Private Security Industry
  • Understand legislation as it applies to a security operative 
  • Understand arrest procedures relevant to security operatives
  • Understand the importance of safe working practices
  • Understand fire procedures in the workplace 
  • Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  • Understand how to communicate effectively as a security operative 
  • Understand record keeping relevant to the role of the security operative 
  • Understand terror threats and the role of the security operative in the event of a threat 
  • Understand how to keep vulnerable people safe 
  • Understand good practice for post incident management 

Unit 2: Principles and Practices of Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry

  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the CCTV operator and other CCTV staff
  • Understand the different types of legislation and how they impact on Public Space Surveillance CCTV operations 
  • Understand the importance of operational procedures in Public Space Surveillance CCTV operations 
  • Understand different types of incidents and how to respond to them 
  • Understand health and safety in the CCTV environment
  • Demonstrate operational use of CCTV equipment 
  • Produce evidential documentation 

Qs. What documents do I need to do the CCTV course?

To obtain any SIA linked qualification, you will be required to show certain documents these documents have been divided into group A and group B documents. If you have two documents from group A you do not need any other documents. If you have one document from group A, you will be required to have an additional two documents from group B.

Qs. How long is my SIA Licence valid for?

Your Licence will last for 3 years and you have you renew it.

Qs. What does the SIA check when applying for a CCTV license?

criminal background of applicants via a DBS check, as well as verifying their identity through official documents. Having a criminal record does not always prevent you from receiving an SIA Licence. However, it does depend on the type of offense and the SIA evaluation to allow you to receive a Licence. It is best to contact the SIA directly if you are considering applying for a license and are not sure.

Qs. Learner Entry Requirements for CCTV Course?

  • Entry Requirements
  • The qualification can be undertaken by learners aged 16 or over who wish to work as a CCTV Operative. However, an SIA license cannot be applied for until the age of 18
  • Required Documents
  • Identification documents (Full provisional UK driving license, passport, or BRP Card)
  • 2 proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, etc)
  • 2 photographs

Qs. How long does it take SIA to process my license application?

  • If you visit the SIA
  • website, it shows that it takes 25 working days to process a license
  • Application. In some cases, it can possibly take up to 6 weeks due to
  • additional security checks.

Qs. Can I work in the security industry without an SIA Licence?

  • You must not work
  • Without an SIA Licence as it is illegal to work in the Private Security Industry
  • Without an SIA Licence. However, some employers can qualify for exemptions
  • under Section 4(4) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. To work without