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Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Business

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Business


GLH 510




Level 2


Level 2


No formal entry requirements


internal & external assesment


Location Dates Time Price Handle
Hayes West London 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM £1,650

Course Overview

The BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Business is aimed to give the learners a strong core of sector study. To support progression to higher levels of education, this National Foundation  Diploma in Business programme may include other A Levels or BTEC Nationals.

  • Total size of this course: 510 GLH Equivalent to 1.5 A Levels.
  • Number of units: 6 units (Mandatory 6 (83% of total contents); External 3 (45% of total contents)
  • A substantive part of 16-19 study programme.
  • Globally recognized qualification.
  • Contributes to professional skills and knowledge development.
  • Can be used as the means for progression to Higher Apprenticeships.
  • Would provide the learners with additional qualifications which contrast or complement their study programme.
  • Successful completion of this course will qualify the learners for a range of entry level jobs.

Course Outline/Modules

  • Unit 1 Exploring Business (Unit size 90 GLH)
  • Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign (Unit size 90 GLH)
  • Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance (Unit size 120 GLH)
  • Unit 4 Managing an Event (Unit size 90 GLH)

Optional units to choose from (Any 2)

  • Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection Process (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 9 Team Building in Business (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 10 Recording Financial Transactions (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 11 Final Accounts for Public Limited Companies (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 12 Financial Statements for Specific Businesses (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 13 Cost and Management Accounting (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 14 Investigating Customer Service (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 15 Investigating Retail Business (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 16 Visual Merchandising (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 17 Digital Marketing (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 18 Creative Promotion (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 19 Pitching for a New Business (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 20 Investigating Corporate Social Responsibility (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 21 Training and Development (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 22 Market Research (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 23 The English Legal System (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 24 Employment Law (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 25 Aspects of Civil Liability Affecting Business (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 26 26 Aspects of Criminal Law Impacting on Business and Individuals (Unit size 60 GLH)
  • Unit 27 Work Experience in Business (Unit size 60 GLH)

Entry Requirements

  • No formal entry requirements
  • Learners with Level 2 (or equivalent) qualifications are expected

Criteria for better likelihood to succeed

  • Five GCSEs at good grades
  • BTEC qualifications at Level 2
  • Achievement in mathematics and English through Functional or GCSE Skills
  • Evidence of having relevant work experience
  • Demonstration of specific aptitude shown through non-educational experiences or diagnostic tests.

How to apply

  • Via UCAS (You will be needing relevant codes, such as campus code, UCAS course code and institute code) to apply through UCAS)
  • Direct online application (Please click on the link for direct online application)

* The information presented on this page is valid for academic year 2020/21. The courses will run as advertised unless the curriculum is changed due to student demands, certain industry or academic developments, or compliance reasons.