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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


47 hrs




16 years


Entry level 2


Internal and External assessment

Skill standards and coverage and range

In order to pass this qualification, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the skill standards for the qualification. The coverage and range determine the standard required to achieve the qualification.

At each level, this has been sub-divided into:

  • using ICT
  • Finding and selecting information
  • Developing, presenting, and communicating information

On completion of this qualification a learner should:

Skill standards

Coverage and range

Interact with ICT for a purpose
  • Use computer hardware
  • Use software applications for a purpose
  • Recognize and use interface features

Follow recommended safe practices
  • Minimize physical stress
  • Keep access information secure by using password
  • Understand the need to stay safe

Developing, presenting, and communicating information
Enter and edit information for a simply given purpose Use simple editing and formatting techniques
Bring together two given types of information
  • For print and viewing on-screen
  • Identify and correct simple errors

Use ICT-based communication Read, send, and receive electronic messages.
Enter and edit information for a simply given purpose Use simple editing and formatting techniques.

Assessment structure Entry Level 1


One externally assessed assessment.

Assessment-taking time
  • Minimum 1 hour
  • Maximum 2 hours
  • The time can be spread over a number of sessions, provided centers retain assessment materials securely

Marks 20 marks in total.
Assessment availability Pearson will provide three assessment papers (including assessment materials) each academic year, which tutors can access from our website at the start of each academic year.
Assessment preparation The assessment paper will contain a context or purpose, which is adaptable to meet learners’ needs. The tutor may amend the context or purpose, to make it more appropriate to the learner, whilst maintaining the level of assessment. The tutor may amend the assessment materials to reflect the context or purpose. Questions may be re-phrased to take account of learner needs.