Door supervisor upskilling course

Who Requires SIA refresher upskilling course

Door supervisors holding an SIA license and want to renew their license may require undertaking this Two-day qualification.

  • Duration: 2 Days 
  • Guided learning hours (GLH):  15
  • Mandatory Contact Hours  Unit 1: 12 hours
  • Credit Value:  2
  • Price:
     £ 129.00 B

Assessment Method for Door Supervisor Upskilling Refresher Course

Practical, written and multiple choice tests

Door Supervisor Top up upskilling course Overview

It is supported by the SIA to meet the mandatory SIA top-up requirements for Door Supervisors who undertook their qualification prior to the QCF Door Supervision qualifications and who need to renew their license.  It comprises two units:

  • Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry covering knowledge and practical skills
  • Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors which covers knowledge of counter-terrorism issues, first aid, awareness and requirements in dealing with children and young people.

Entry Requirements for Top up Door Supervisor training

Door Supervisors who undertook their qualification prior to the QCF Door Supervision qualifications and who need to renew their licence. The licence should not be expired for more than 3 years.

Core Modules for the Qualification:

Unit 1: Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors within the Private Security Industry

  • Understand counter terrorism issues relevant to a door supervisor
  • Know the role of a door supervisor when first aid situations occur in licensed premises
  • Know legislation and requirements regarding children and young people relevant to a door supervisor
  • Understand how a door Understand how a door supervisor can help to supervisor can help to keep vulnerable people safe
  • Understand queue management and venue capacity responsibilities relevant to a door supervisor

Unit 2: Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry

  • Understand physical interventions and the implications of their use
  • Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used
  • Be able to use non aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others
  • Be able to use non-pain related standing, holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills
  • Understand good practice to follow after physical interventions


Centers must adhere to the conditions for delivery and assessment as listed in the SIA’s “Introduction to Learning Leading Towards Licence-linked Qualifications. Requirements for Awarding Organisations/Bodies and Training Providers” and the IQ Centre Guide for Security Qualifications.

Assessment for the Safety Awareness unit is by externally set and marked multiple choice question paper.

Learner Entry Requirements

  • This qualification is a regulatory requirement for relevant Door Supervisors therefore learners must have a Door Supervisors SIA licence. It is the centres responsibility to check this and ensure that relevant records are available for audit purposes
  • Security operatives are likely in the course of their work to be required to make calls to the emergency services, or need to communicate to resolve conflict.  It is essential that security operatives are able to communicate clearly.

How is the door supervisor refresher course conducted?

Once you will book your training with us we shall send you a safety awareness workbook in your email. You are required to go through that workbook in your own time. Complete the workbook and bring the same on the day of your PI (physical intervention training). On the day of your upskilling course, you will be taught the PI and would be examined from the contents of PI and the safety awareness workbook that has been sent to you earlier.

Is the door supervisor up-skilling training difficult?

The door supervisor up-skilling training course with physical intervention is designed at level two which means it a basic training. Majority of the learners since they are already experienced manage to complete the qualification and exams in the first attempt

SIA Refresher Training for SIA Licence Renewal

There can be many reasons that you shall be required to undertake training again. To find out the conditions please read the article below. You can book your refresher training with any of the ongoing courses that we have. The cost of the refresher training shall be less than the actual cost of the course. To book and view the dates of courses click the buttons on your right.

Reasons for Security Refresher Training

There could be many reasons that you might need to undergo refresher training for renewal of you SIA security license.E

What to do?

You don’t need to worry you can do all of your refresher training for door supervisor, security guarding or CCTV with us. The refresher training shall be conducted with the normal courses that we are conducting view our dates and you can book in for the refresher course. The price of a refresher course shall be less than a regular course.

Do I need to send my documents again to renew my door supervisor license?

In most of the cases you would not be required to send your original documents if you are renewing your license or applying to get a new license, however, we would advise you to have a look at the regulator’s website i.e. SIA to find out the latest policy in vogue

Why was the need felt for the door supervisor upskilling course?

In 2010 the old door supervisor qualification changed and two new modules were added in the new QCF door supervision training namely working in private security industry and physical intervention skills for the private security industry. Door supervisors with the old qualification lacked the necessary knowledge, thus a need was felt that they should be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge. Now all door supervisors renewing their licenses for door supervision would be required to do an additional one days training.D

This qualification is for all those door supervisors who have a door supervisor qualification as well as a license; however, their door supervisor license or qualification is before October 2010. The reason for this new qualification is felt by SIA due to the fact that the previous door supervisor qualification did not have the physical intervention module, whereas the new door supervisor qualification comprises of this module.

This is a two-day qualification in which you would be required to complete a workbook given by your tutor and then on the given day come and attend the physical intervention module. After that, you would be assessed by your tutor using various assessment methods.

The physical intervention module teaches the learner about the use of force, terms as a rational, proportionate and justifiable force. Approved techniques are taught to the learners which can be used in certain situations. However, you must remember that use of force may only be resorted as a last resort, at the end you would be required to justify your actions. The techniques taught in the PI module are non-pain compliant techniques having a combination of both restrictive as well as non-restrictive techniques.

Course Curriculum

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